Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Payroll Tax Update - Round 6

The Round 6 US Payroll Tax Update has been released.

It contains tax table changes for the following states:
  • North Dakota (data change)
  • Connecticut (data and code change)

Below are bug fixes around this update for Payroll/Human Resource:

  • Payroll Class ID Roll downs still not working after applying round 4 tax update and feature pack with certain steps taken
  • 2010 Multi build causes all employees to get checks and DD information is lost in certain cases
  • Deductions missing from calculation based of Tax settings after you apply the round 4 tax update

Other module fixes include: Field Service, Inventory, Manufacturing, Project Accounting, Purchasing

***If you have employees paid in the state of Connecticut, you need to install the tax update and the code update...major changes in their tax the instructions if you are in Connecticut carefully, please. Go to the appendix, there is a very detailed explanation of the tax change for CT and how to calculate it.

To install the tax tables only, go to Microsoft Dynamics GP > Maintenance > Update Tax Tables and follow the process of installing the latest tax tables.

Download Links

If you are on a previous version or would like help installing the Round 6 update, please contact or Jim Williams at Collins Computing.