Monday, July 30, 2012

Management Reporter Tip

As many of our customers begin to implement Management Reporter and migrate over from FRx, we are eager to show them the value of some of the quick features available to users of the software.  One of my favorites is the Missing Account Analysis Tool.

Within Management Reporter, by going to Tools > Missing Account Analysis, the system will scan all building blocks and notify you (by a list with links) of all missing accounts in your report definitions/building blocks. 

The user can then group by a particular account segment or building block to then analyze and fix the issues.  By clicking on the building block icon, the user may go directly to the row in question and add the segment, or chose to exclude the building block (row) from being reported as a problem in the future.

With the direct interface to the Microsoft Dynamics GP Account Tables, although account numbers are accessible to Management Reporter, the building block definitions might not always include all the accounts companies need to add on a continual basis.  With this quick tool, report designers can verify that monthly reporting is not out of balance due to additional segments that were not originally designed to be included in a necessary report definition.  By having the missing segment reported, the report designer can easily modify the needed building block and add or exclude the reported value:

Learn about this feature, along with many other exciting benefits your company can gain by implementing Microsoft Management Reporter 2012 by Contacting one of Collins Computing’s consultants today!