Friday, November 16, 2012

Management Reporter 2012 (RU3)

Along with working on tablets (like the Surface) to allow users to pinch and expand right on the screen… there is a new web viewer that allows multiple windows open for a report to show various levels of detail or parts of a tree!  You can ‘snap’ them to show two windows side-by-side.
Individuals can also add ‘comments’ to a report, to assist in report collaboration (whether they are in the drilldown viewer or the NEW web viewer).
There is also a new Chart Gallery that allows users to browse thru charts and graphs created with a report.
Here are some very short videos for you to view...
Look at this video for more info on the Web Viewer!

Video showing users Adding Comments to reports!

The New Chart View and Gallery!

Blog talking about the Data Mart option (uses a ‘trickle method’ for moving data over)

Blog talking about ALL the features, with links to the downloads for MR 2013 RU3

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