Friday, June 21, 2013

US Payroll Tax Update Round 5 has RELEASED

Yesterday, Microsoft notified us that the state of Minnesota has new tax tables that go into effect immediately.

Microsoft jumped on it and the June Tax Update Round 5 is being released TODAY.  The new tax update date is 6/20/2013 and is table changes only.

North Dakota also announced tax table changes; will be just over withholding and will get a refund.  There is no news yet on a start date.  We will keep you posted as to when Microsoft plans on releasing an update for these changes.

Next Items on the Release Cycle:

GP2013 Service Pack 2 - due to release 8/30/2013 (around SP 2 time or this fall)

BP 6.1 will be out later and will support SharePoint 2013.  BP 6.0 is not supported on SharePoint 2013.

***On GP 2013 only, you are going to start to see little "features" in service packs, you may also see more table changes in a standard service pack then you normally expect.

Here are items specific to HRP included in this GP;
  • Email address added to the HR applicant window
  • Redesign of the check & transaction history windows, easier for sorting and looking up of data
  • 2013 I-9 changes (additional fields)
  • EEO Reports have incorrect wage categories
  • Local taxes may not deduction when employees choose to put net check to a 401k
  • Many other quality report issues
GP2010 Service Pack 4 - due to release 9/6/2013 (last service pack for GP2010, but continued tax and year end updates)

After Microsoft pushes out the above 2 big service packs, they will start working on year-end changes.
  • US Payroll will release in November 2013 (pending changes)
  • Canadian Payroll will release in December 2013 (pending changes)
If you have any questions, please contact or call (888) 391-6690.